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Communicator Plus!

Eventure Communicator Plus! Window

What is Communicator Plus?

Eventure Communicator Plus! is one essential add-on for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. It guarantees to improve your Communicator experience by leaps and bounds. You won’t just get a couple of new options, what you’ll get is a whole new dimension for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 software.

Easy to use

Communicator Plus! improves and enhances your instant messaging experience without getting in your way, while adding a lot of new capabilities. New features are available at will from the Communicator Plus! system tray icon and a couple of new menu options that you will find within Office Communicator 2007 interface.

Discover what Communicator Plus! can do for you

Auto Responder
Auto Responder Configuration Options

Communicator Plus! allows you to set an auto responder message which will be sent out to your selected list of recipients if they start a conversation while you are away or busy in a meeting.

Quick Text
Quick Text Configuration Options

Save commonly used instant messages and associate them with a hot key. No more typing the same text over and over again.

Custom Alerts and Sounds
Select events and enable Popup/Sound alerts

With custom popup and sound alerts you will never miss important updates and participants especially in multi party conversations.

Personalized Presence States
Define custom presence states

Office Communicator 2007 allows you to create four custom away or busy presence states, Communicator Plus! allows you to configure them conveniently.

Event Viewer and Event Logging
Track Office Communicator 2007 events

Never miss a thing! Contact sign-ins and sign-outs, status changes, display name and phone number changes. Everything can be logged and can be archived in Excel spreadsheets. You can also monitor event viewer in real-time to analyze communicator events or view contact status updates.

Contacts on Desktop
Specify Desktop Contact Card options and view preview

You can now view any desired contact on your desktop in the form of small floating windows. You can right click on a contact to create its contact card. What more? You can customize contact card colors, transparency color etc...

Advanced Chat Archiving
Search Chat Archives

Communicator Plus! allows you to log all conversations locally in a more flexible way. You no longer need Microsoft Outlook 2007 to log conversations! Logs are displayed hierarchically and sorted by date and participants, plus you can perform advanced searches to locate conversations quickly.

Technical Architecture

Communicator Plus! is built using Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 SDK. Possibilities are endless; you could hook up an email client with Communicator client or do lots of other fancy stuff.

If you have a request for any new idea or feature, let us know about it, we might just add it to an upcoming release.

Get Communicator Plus!

Product is currently in beta and available on request. Send in your requests to

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